Chaga’s infusion




Chaga, or the “King of medicinal mushrooms” as it’s sometimes called, is a unique, ancient natural health product that is gaining popularity in the West for its health benefits. These benefits have long been known in the East, where Chaga has been used for centuries by people in Siberia, Russia and other parts of Asia.

Chaga is the mycelia of the fungus Inonotus Obliquus that appears on the outside of birch trees.

More and more respected institutions, such as the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, produce credible and detailed studies into the medicinal benefits of Chaga.

There are several ways to consume Chaga, but hot water extraction (e.g. Chaga tea) is the most common and simplest way to enjoy it. However, a quality dual extract is the only way to extract all of the healthy bioactive ingredients that are locked inside. This method typically combines both hot water and alcohol extraction methods.

Chaga has a naturally occurring vanillin, the same as found in the vanilla bean. Therefore, it takes on a slight hint of vanilla flavor when consumed as a tea and doesn’t taste anything like a regular mushroom.

Way of using Chaga extract:
3x a day, half an hour before the meal, 50ml of Chaga extract
tasty tea (3/4 hot water +1/4 Chaga extract)

This product doesn’t contain alcohol!!!

Volume: 1 liter